LOA Pro Tip: The Happy Button

It’s easy to overthink the law of attraction. With all the different techniques and teachers and advice, it can seem like a never-ending process. But if there is one thing you take away from all of this, it should be that you have complete control over the way you feel. 

You have a “happy button” that you can press whenever you want. Just think about being happy, imagine being happy and you’re there! This is all it takes to get everything you want – decide you’re going to be happy. Insist upon it and watch how the universe delivers to you things you want before you even know you want them.

It really is that simple because the universe can only reflect back to you what you’re radiating. As you radiate love and ease, the universe delivers to you forms of love (i.e. what you desire, what feels good to you, etc.) in an easy way! And vice verse, the harder you are on yourself about doing this work, the more the universe will demonstrate how hard it is. So even the process itself is within your control.

So what’re you waiting for? Smile for no reason. Press the happy button!


LOA Pro Tip: Vision Boards

Creating a vision board is an awesome way to feel better more consistently and a cool way to visualize your desires as they grow. Though your vision board will be completely unique to you, it’s so important to search for images that move you emotionally.  I regularly clear my vision board of any picture that doesn’t give me chills! When you’re searching for representations of the things you want, remember to focus on the way the image feels instead of how closely it resembles what you think you want.