Meditation 101

We all know how beneficial meditation is for every area of our lives and yet many of us still struggle to practice daily or even start at all. Whether it’s your first time meditating or just a refresher, read on for meditation 101: 

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Stabilizing Your Vibration 101

As we begin to shed old beliefs and deliberately train our energies, it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. You might be flying high in the morning but feel like shit before lunch. This is normal, even for those who have been practicing the law of attraction for years. Contrast is normal and necessary; the trick is to not only learn how to get back into the vortex quickly, but how to stay in it for longer. Here are seven ways you can stabilize your vibration and keep your balance:

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LOA Pro Tip: Meditation

The reason we called this blog Mindful Manifesting is because I believe there are two sides to living the best, most joyful life possible. The first side is the law of attraction, which to me is a way to master the universe. The other side of the coin is meditation, which I think is a way to know the universe. You can certainly use the law of attraction without zen, or vice versa. But using them together can be incredibly powerful and here’s why:

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LOA Pro Tip: Pre-Paving

Pre-paving is a very powerful law of attraction technique that basically involves thinking about or writing down how you would like an experience to unfold. In the morning or before you start a new segment of your day, think about how things could unfold in a way that feels really good. How do you want to feel? What experiences would you like to have? What’s something that could happen that’s really fun and awesome? If you can, write down how your day went before your day even begins and watch how it unfolds!