LOA Pro Tip: Getting Unstuck

Feeling stuck or in a rut? It’s common to hit a plateau when practicing energy work, especially right before you reach another “level”. Here are my top three tips for getting energy flowing and finding that movement again:

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Money Challenge #2: Releasing Resistance

Hello, fellow mindful manifesters!! For the next three weeks, the weekly challenge will be focused on money. For week two, we’re going to figure out why you haven’t won the lottery yet!

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LOA Pro Tip: Receptive Mode

Receptive mode, also known as the flow or the vortex, is the primary mental and emotional state you’ll want to hold whether you’re trying to manifest something specific or just want to have a fun, relaxing day. Being in receptive mode basically means that you are in the “zone”, feeling good as your day flows wonderfully around you. Here’s how to get into that space and stay in it:

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LOA Pro Tip: Meditation

The reason we called this blog Mindful Manifesting is because I believe there are two sides to living the best, most joyful life possible. The first side is the law of attraction, which to me is a way to master the universe. The other side of the coin is meditation, which I think is a way to know the universe. You can certainly use the law of attraction without zen, or vice versa. But using them together can be incredibly powerful and here’s why:

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LOA Pro Tip: Vision Boards

Creating a vision board is an awesome way to feel better more consistently and a cool way to visualize your desires as they grow. Though your vision board will be completely unique to you, it’s so important to search for images that move you emotionally.  I regularly clear my vision board of any picture that doesn’t give me chills! When you’re searching for representations of the things you want, remember to focus on the way the image feels instead of how closely it resembles what you think you want.