LOA Pro Tip: Practice the Feeling


If the key to manifesting your desire is literally feeling it into being, then your job is to take time out of each day to practice the feeling of what you want.

But first things first, check your rearview and side mirror: Have you identified what you want, as a feeling? Have you released any immediate resistance or beliefs that don’t align with what you want to manifest?

Awesome! Now comes the fun part:

As often as possible, practice putting yourself in a place where you are FEELING the reality of your desire. Whether you’re visualizing or daydreaming or writing – whatever technique works for you – you should be enjoying, relishing and celebrating that what you want has already happened. 

I hope this helps you on your journey! For some of my favorite techniques, check out Daily LOA. Feel free to add any questions or comments and for more LOA goodness, visit us on Tumblr!

-Zen Kate


Money Challenge #3: Building Momentum

Hey fellow manifesters!! This week we’re going to focus on five techniques I’ve found extremely effective as I align with the vibration of riches. Now that you’ve started dreaming big and you’ve released all those crappy beliefs, you’re ready to build momentum and get excited for your riches!!

Your challenge this week is to imagine that you are rich: you’ve won the lottery, you’ve inherited millions from an unknown relative, you’ve suddenly discovered you have a trust fund, a rich stranger has decided to pay your way in life, or maybe you’ve won a contest! The only thing is, it won’t be here for 30 days. Read on for five ways to get excited and start figuring out what you’re gonna do with all this cash!

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Daily LOA 101

In yesterday’s post, we talked about how practicing feeling better every day is a vital part of stabilizing your vibration. So today, I wanted to share the practice that I use every day. You can use whatever techniques feel good to you – there is no right way to do this work. What matters is that you are committed to feeling good.


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The Quick Guide to Manifesting Whatever You Want

For the speed readers out there, I wanted to create a quick guide to manifesting whatever you want. This stuff is really easy, but there are so many techniques and so many ways of looking at the law of attraction, that it’s easy to lose sight of the basics. So I’m going to give you a very simple guide to manifesting and creating the life you want, with all of the MUST HAVE techniques in one place! Continue reading

Shit Happens: How to Deal with Emotional Crises and Unexpected Change

We’ve all had that moment – everything is going so well and then something unexpected and upsetting happens, causing us to question when and where we went wrong. You lose your job, or don’t get that raise you wanted. Your partner suddenly dumps you. You’re raising your vibes, focusing positively…where the hell did this crap come from?! I’m gonna tell you why things like this happen and how to raise your vibes quick.

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