Money Challenge #3: Building Momentum

Hey fellow manifesters!! This week we’re going to focus on five techniques I’ve found extremely effective as I align with the vibration of riches. Now that you’ve started dreaming big and you’ve released all those crappy beliefs, you’re ready to build momentum and get excited for your riches!!

Your challenge this week is to imagine that you are rich: you’ve won the lottery, you’ve inherited millions from an unknown relative, you’ve suddenly discovered you have a trust fund, a rich stranger has decided to pay your way in life, or maybe you’ve won a contest! The only thing is, it won’t be here for 30 days. Read on for five ways to get excited and start figuring out what you’re gonna do with all this cash!

1. Go shopping – like an LOA pro

This is a great technique I’ve been using recently: go shopping anywhere you’d like and pretend you are allowing yourself to buy anything today. Really look at everything you want to look at, shop for anything you want to shop for, deprive yourself of nothing. If you find something you actually want to buy, place your hand on the object and then let yourself own it – in your mind experience the way it feels to own this object, to play with it, to put it to use, to love it. Now release it, smile because you own it and walk away! It was all the pleasure of buying something without the paying and waiting to play with it.

2. Universal Deposits

In this exercise you simply write yourself a check every day and try to find ways to spend the entire thing. Every day your stipend increases. If you’d rather not do all the math, this fabulous website will send you weekly deposit emails.

3. Reverse the Sign

This is a simple mental exercise that I like to use. Whenever you go to pay for something -groceries or a meal or a bill – instead of imagining that money being removed from your bank account, imagine it being deposited into your account.

4. Shop for your new home

Another great technique I use regularly. I like to look in different cities and neighborhoods, look at different architectural styles and interior design options. When you’re rich you’ll thank yourself for having done the research.

5. Plan your future vacations

This is another awesome exercise that I absolutely adore. It really gets you thinking about where you’d like to travel and what you’d like to experience.

As you go through these exercises, try to keep in mind the truth about money: there’s always enough and it’s just for us to have fun with. As you use these processes you may find that you need to refer back to the previous challenges. That is normal – aligning with your desires is a continual process as you find/release resistance and as your dreams grow with you. I encourage you to use these techniques regularly and really prepare yourself for your new life. You’re going to love it!!!

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