Daily LOA 101

In yesterday’s post, we talked about how practicing feeling better every day is a vital part of stabilizing your vibration. So today, I wanted to share the practice that I use every day. You can use whatever techniques feel good to you – there is no right way to do this work. What matters is that you are committed to feeling good.


Daily Activities

Meditation: I try to meditate every day but I’m very loose with myself. I do whatever kind of meditating feels good and if it doesn’t feel good, I don’t do it at all. I usually meditate after doing yoga or in bed while listening to delta/theta waves. I recommend meditating for 10-15 minutes, as that gives your mind enough time to stop jabbering and allows you to find a stable place.

LOA Study: For this activity, you’ll want to find some LOA resource that you can review every morning. This doesn’t have to take long – between 10 – 15 minutes at the most. I do this just to keep my head in the game, to keep myself from stagnating and forgetting the principles. Learning the law of attraction is like learning a new language – you have to do it everyday. I recommend listening to Abraham Hicks videos on youtube, reading an article by Melody Fletcher (she’s my fave) or any other resource that you find helpful.

Creative Workshop: This is one that Abraham speaks about in their books and one that I LOVE! It’s definitely the activity I look forward to the most. What you do is just find a way to creatively design your life. There are a dozen ways you can approach this. I use Pinterest to find images that represent my perfect life to me, I take time to plan vacations and projects that I’m aligning with, or I just write out aspects of my perfect life.

Appreciation: This is a MUST. All the momentum that has led me here started with an appreciation list. I keep a daily list of 40-50 things I loved about my day, things I appreciated, things I was grateful for, things I manifested. I recommend starting it in the morning and ending your list at night. It’s lovely to look back on every day and see how many awesome things happened!

Read Everyday: I keep a “read everyday” list of the statements I’m currently aligning with. For example, I live a charmed life full of adventure, love, luxury, creativity and the most rewarding work possible. Reading these statements really emphasizes the mindset that you are what you desire.

Magic List: This is the last list, I promise! I keep a list of things I consider magical and meditate on each one for around half a minute when I really need to give my vibes an extra, super-charged boost. The list can be made up of anything that you just freakin’ adore, anything that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling or a feeling of awe. I love to think about the universe, flowers and red pandas.


For the worksheet portion, you really need to go all in. You need to be completely honest with yourself about what you want and what feels good.

Date: You want to know what day it is, right?

Weekly Focus: The law of attraction is so damn vast and so simple at the same time that I like to have one thing I’m focused on each week. It can be anything that you want – one week I focused on imaging a wonderful future for the world, this week I’m focusing on getting in the vortex before ANYTHING else. My weekly focus is usually something that I’d like to make a habit. Then I write down what my focus is everyday and review how it’s going and what techniques I’m using.

I want…You figure out how: Ah, this one is so awesome. For this exercise you just lay it all out there, tell the universe what you REALLY want. Then release all responsibility for it by telling the universe, hey – you figure out the details. You got my order, now fulfill. I use this exercise to write down anything I’m not really aligned with but that I’ve realized I WANT to align with.

Universal Task List/Manager: This one is also awesome. This is another version of Abraham’s “universal manager”. You basically tell the universe or your higher self what you’d really rather not deal with today and release control of it. It feeling amazing to do this and works out every time!

I love (getting, having, receiving, experiencing, knowing): Now we start to beat the drum of what we love. Write down as many as you can of things you just LOVE. This is something you should really do throughout your entire day as it’s the single most useful technique in all of the law of attraction. If you just talk about what you love, you would see miracles. As Rumi says, love is the bridge between you and everything. 

I am (Affirmations): Affirmations aren’t for everyone but I like to use them. I always put the statement in the form of “I AM” to cement in my mind that I already am what I desire. I like to use statements like “I am a source of infinite creativity, inspiration and clarity” or “I am connected to a source of infinite money” but I recommend tweaking your affirmations until they feel really good to you.

I am expecting: This one is really helpful if you tend to find your vibration dipping at certain points in the day. I always find out here if I’m actively expecting anything negative for my day and that gives me an opportunity to turn it around and expect awesomeness!

Visualization (optional): For anything you’re actively manifesting, it’s always helpful to visualize – not only to work out the kinks in your vibration, but to get excited and get those good-feelings going!!

Future Diary: I love this exercise. I just pretend that I’m on the other side of my day or week or month and I tell a story about how AMAZING it was and all the great things that happened.

Thank you for: Always good to end with gratitude. I write down things I’m grateful for and give thanks in advance for what I’m still aligning with.

This is just my personal practice – you should take what you like and throw out what you don’t, building your own practice on daily based on what feels good. At the end of the day there is no right way to feel good! I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to leave a comment about your own daily practice!

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-Zen Kate


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