Stabilizing Your Vibration 101

As we begin to shed old beliefs and deliberately train our energies, it can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. You might be flying high in the morning but feel like shit before lunch. This is normal, even for those who have been practicing the law of attraction for years. Contrast is normal and necessary; the trick is to not only learn how to get back into the vortex quickly, but how to stay in it for longer. Here are seven ways you can stabilize your vibration and keep your balance:

1. Ignore everyone else. 

Many people, especially empaths, pride themselves on their ability to help others. But if you’re helping/empathizing at the expense of your own vibration, the time to stop is NOW. The only way you can truly help another person is to be stable in your own, high vibration. They will then have two choices – they can either leave your experience or they can rise to your level.

2. Practice everyday.

Deliberately work your way into the vortex every single day. Since starting a consistent, daily practice I am in the vortex more than I thought was possible. Find a routine or exercise that works for you – whether it is LOA exercises, looking at funny cat videos or dancing around in your underwear. Do whatever you have to, as early as possible, to get yourself to that tingly happy place!

3. Meditate. 

Do not underestimate the power of ten minutes. Those few minutes where you let your crazy thoughts actually go crazy while you just sit still in the middle of them creates a quiet, stable place in your mind that can over-ride even the most unruly thoughts.

4. Get outside. 

Connecting with the earth is guaranteed to stabilize your vibration. Being outside in the natural rhythm of the earth feels almost magical in its ability to calm and center and empower. I love to collect rocks from the forest and keep them with me, drawing a little bit of “earth energy” from them when I need.

5. Be Alone. 

It’s important to take time out of every day and a large chunk of time every week to be alone in your own energy. Committing to this kind of practice will familiarize you with you. When you deprive yourself of the energies of all others, you learn how you actually feel and what you actually want. Being in your own truth can be difficult when we are surrounded by so many different energies but we must spend time in our truth so that we can live it more frequently.

6. Move.

Movement is so powerful.  As we flow through a yoga practice or take a stroll our energy begins to flow. Things that became stuck or stiff during the day are loosened and relax. By moving our bodies we can release pent-up energy before it becomes a problem. Every day after work I do a short yoga practice to release any tension from work and refocus myself on my real work – being happy.

7. Be determined. 

Feeling good needs to be your number one priority. Every day you should wake up determined to feel good, just because it feels good. And in your mind you should know that by getting into the vortex first, you are accomplishing everything you need to accomplish. You are moving mountains in the 20 minutes a morning you spend working on deliberately feeling good. 

For more LOA goodness, check out Mindful Manifesting on Tumblr


6 thoughts on “Stabilizing Your Vibration 101

    • That’s awesome! It can take time to find your balance but I think a daily LOA practice is what helped me the most. I’ll be posting my practice later today or tomorrow. Hope you enjoy!!


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