LOA Pro Tip: Getting Unstuck

Feeling stuck or in a rut? It’s common to hit a plateau when practicing energy work, especially right before you reach another “level”. Here are my top three tips for getting energy flowing and finding that movement again:

1. Realize that the answers are all around you.

Remember, the path is directly available to you. Recognize that the reason you are not aware of the answers is because you can’t see them from this perspective. It’s the difference between being in a maze and seeing one from a helicopter. The path out is clear, you just can’t see it. Remember that the sooner you find your way into the vortex, the sooner you give up and let everything be easy, the sooner your consciousness will rise. It may help to imagine a time when life was flowing freely and try to embody that feeling. Or, you can simply ask the Universe to send you clarity, to help you feel better now. From within the vortex, the way forward will become clear.

2. Get up and move.

If you can’t convince yourself to relax and let go, try physically moving. Flow through a yoga routine, dance around, go for a walk. Physically moving can release your resistance simply through directing your attention into your body and into the moment. Bonus points if you can get some movement while in nature. Being connected to the earth will making energy movement even easier.

3. Go over the deep-end.

If nothing seems to budge, it may be time to let yourself go over the deep-end. Often being stuck is the result of oppressing emotions and resistance that your higher-self is asking you to release so that you can reach the next “level”. Whatever the emotion is, surrender to it. Feel it completely until you feel relief. When you feel relief, turn the momentum around as quickly as possible by finding your way into the vortex. From there, you may want to identify any beliefs that are triggering you and release them. See the Socratic Method for how to change your old beliefs and release resistance.


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