Money Challenge #2: Releasing Resistance

Hello, fellow mindful manifesters!! For the next three weeks, the weekly challenge will be focused on money. For week two, we’re going to figure out why you haven’t won the lottery yet!

Hopefully you were able to complete last week’s challenge and really think about what you would do if you had an unimaginable, infinite source of money. The purpose of that exercise is not only to define your true desire behind the money but also to help you see what resistance you still hold.

Resistance, i.e. the reason you haven’t won the lottery yet, is any belief you hold that prevents your desire from manifesting. It’s any belief that stands in the way of you aligning with, knowing, and becoming your desire. If you held no resistance to a desire and focused on it positively, it would manifest in your reality.

One belief in particular that stops so many of us from receiving the billions we desire is the idea that in order to get money, you have to give something up. 

This is something you’ve been taught since the day you were born: to get money, you gotta work. If you want to live in this world, you have to pull your weight. If you don’t give something away – your time, your stuff, your energy – you won’t be able to live a good life. This is a belief that is very convincing because so many of us are convinced of it.

Allow me to poke a hole in this air-tight premise: there are seven billion different perspectives on this Earth, seven billion different realities being lived at once and some of these people are not giving up anything for their money. There are trust-fund babies, lottery winners, treasure finders. There are real people out there who don’t sacrifice their time and energy and yet are still living very comfortably. You too can step into that reality. 

There are plenty of other resistant beliefs that one can hold about money; money is evil, you aren’t deserving of it, money is scarce. These beliefs are often tied into larger beliefs about feeling worthless or powerless. These beliefs are standing between you and your riches.

The good news is, every belief can be shifted in your favor and it’s a LOT easier than it seems.

Therefore, your challenge for this week is to identify and shift any beliefs about money that are no longer serving you and your highest joy. For an in-depth guide on finding and shifting any belief, read The Socratic Method. 


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