Money Challenge #1: Dreaming Big

Every week I’ll be posting a weekly LOA challenge that will help you define and manifest your delicious and inspired life. For the next four weeks, we’ll be digging into one of the most common desires – lots and lots of money!!

When manifesting a desire there are several key factors you must consider. First, you must clearly define for yourself what you want to manifest as a feeling. This week we’re going to figure out why you want to be rich.

It may seem obvious – who wants to look at a price-tag ever again? Not me! But many of us refuse to think deeply about the future we might have if we did come into these huge sums of money. We might have imagined quitting our jobs or buying a fancy car, but nothing further than that brief feeling of freedom.

This week I’m challenging you to dig deeper than that – to dream as big as you possibly can. I want you to imagine that you just won the 97 million dollar jackpot. What EXACTY will you do that first day that money is put into your bank account? How will you feel? What will you do for the first week? How about in the first month? Where will you live? What will you do every single day? How does your life fundamentally change?


Challenging ourselves to these questions draws in our ideal reality by giving focus to these new feelings of freedom; it helps identify any resistance that comes up as you visualize (see *removing resistance*); it will change your life one day at a time as your realize a thousand new dreams.

So this week, take time out of your day to truly define your ideal life experience. Where will you vacation? Who will you give to? What are you most excited to do? What does your morning look like? Put no limits on yourself and pay attention to how these desires feel as you define them. Remember you are a magnet getting more and more of the way you feel!



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